Adult Dance Classes

Adult Dance Classes

Adult Dance Classes

Private or Group Lessons are available and scheduled at your convenience. Choose from a variety of styles we are offering.

Depending on your goals, interest, experience and learning style, our dance instructors can design dance lessons that suit your needs.


Private Lessons:

By appointment only, please call or email for scheduling.

Group Lessons:

Registration is OPEN NOW for Classes on Mondays and Saturdays. Contact us for more Information.

Benefits of Learning to Dance:

  • Build up Self Esteem

  • Meet New People

  • Exercising while having fun


Learning to dance is useful for social events and weddings, so you quit watching others have fun and get out on the dance floor.  Many couples use it for their date night as a way to relax and have fun.


Lesson packages are available and are good for 24 months. You pick the schedule that is more convenient for you, 7 days a week.


Single students or couples are welcome. Dance partner is not required.

Kids Dance Classes

Kids Dance Classes

Kids Dance Classes

Ballroom Dance Competitions (DanceSport) has been popular in Europe for decades and is now becoming popular in the US.

DanceSport is quickly becoming a popular alternative to gymnastics and cheerleading. Unlike gymnastics and cheerleading, Ballroom Dancing is a skill your child can continue to use throughout their lives at social events and weddings.

  • Children will learn all Ballroom and Latin Dances, such as Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Salsa, Samba, Cha Cha, Rumba and Jive.

  • In our dance programs we start with steps, choreography and musicality and then focus on technique and performance.

Benefits of Ballroom Dancing for Kids:

Physical Benefits

  • Great Exercise

  • Improved Flexibility

  • Improved Coordination

  • Improved Posture and Balance

Social Benefits

  • Builds Social Skills

  • Improved Self Confidence

  • Improved Communication Skill

Cognitive & Emotional Benefits

  • Increased Self Esteem

  • Improved Attentiveness

  • Improves Sense of Well-Being

“The kids are building relationships, learning how to listen, to take in information and work with it and communicate, all these crucial skills that will help them throughout their lives.”

Wedding Dance

Wedding Dance

Wedding Dance

Usually Wedding Dances are romantic and slow like Rumba, Foxtrot and Waltz. But it doesn’t mean that these are the only dances that you will be dancing on your Big Day!

It is always good to know a few basic steps of different kinds of dancing, so then you can dance all night long!

The First Song

Bride and Groom always have a special song that they want to perform to on their Wedding Day!

Our dance instructors will create a special and exclusive routine for it, to fit your style, budget and your overall goal for your performance and to surprise your guests.

Schedule a FREE consultation at least 3 months before the Wedding Day, so we can all discuss options for the choreography and to prepare your lesson-program.

Other services available for the Wedding Party:

– father daughter dance

– mother son dance

– private group classes for family and friends




Maestro Dance Academy offers training in International Latin and International Standard for regional and national competitions.

A couple male/female is preferable, but if you are a single dancer that looks forward to competing, you can dance on Professional/Amateur (PRO-AM) divisions with one of our teachers. We can also help you find a dance partner.

Students that their goal is to compete must start with at least 2 private lessons a week. It is very important to have continuous training to achieve the best results.

The Associations for DanceSport competitions in the United States are: NDCA – National Dance Council of America and USA Dance.  The student(s) will make the decision on which one wants to be registered with.

For more information, please check the websites: